2BAC: MEDIA - news review

Vocabulary: jot down these usefol words to describe the elements you can find on a newspaper cover!

Have a look! Objectiveness is the ideal but media groups are subjected to editorial conditions. Where would you place broadsheets and tabloids? Could you do a similar diagram for Spanish media? And for Andorran media? Let's work our analytical and critical thinking skills!

*This is somebody's personal opinion, just remember it!

Listening practice. Challenge 1:

Now. listen to the video and, then, do challenge 2! You have a vocabulary and grammar reference (click on the tabs).

The story

India's film censors have ruled that long kissing scenes in the new James Bond film Spectre are not suitable for the country's audiences. The Mumbai-based Central Board of Film Certification has made cuts to two scenes from the movie.


ESO2: Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving day
Let's watch the video about the first Thanksgiving Day:

Let's watch the video about vocabulary related to this topic:

Ver las imágenes de origen


2BAC: Different meanings woth inf/-ing

Verbs like stoprememberforget have different meanings: To stop + gerund means to cease, to stop + infinitive means not to move . To remember / to forget + gerund mean to remember/forget something already done. To remember + infinitive means to remember to do something in the future .


Ver las imágenes de origen


ESO3: Smart cities. Examples: Santander, Barcelona, Andorra

What is a smart city? Make groups and consider one illustration each. How can technology improve our cities? What will cities look like in the future? Can you compare your actual town to the way it looked like 50 years ago?

Listen to this example in Santander, Spain. Then, do the quizz.

Now have a look to these graphics (one per team) and explain them to the rest of the class; Barcelona is given as an example of smart city: why?:

Now you have to put in common what are the features of a smart city, classify them and produce your own poster. How can we improve our towns? We can write our representatives and make proposals to improve our lives! Have a look:

Ideas: Brainstorm > Mind map.


TIL: Frankenstein Rap (plurilingual project). 3rd ESO

Here you have our plurilingual project for Sant Jordi: the challenge was to produce a RAP song in all languages currently present in our school... and sing it! The topic is about Mary Shelley's figure of Frankenstein's creature and his search for a father... Who is not there. In a way, the 'monster' is metaphor of our creation process: not only joining different limbs (i.e. students' poems, songs, verses, calligrams) but also working together to find a common rhythm and rhymes across languages. Hope you enjoy the result!
Aquí tenéis nuestro proyecto plurilingüe para Sant Jordi: el reto era producir una canción RAP en todos los idiomas que actualmente están presentes en nuestro instituto... ¡y cantarla! El tema, en honor al aniversario de la publicación del  Frankenstein de Mary Shelley, es la búsqueda de la criatura de la figura de un padre...que no está. De alguna manera, el "monstruo" es la metáfora de nuestro proceso de creación: no sólo unir diferentes miembros (es decir, poemas de los estudiantes, canciones, versos, caligramas), sino también trabajar juntos para encontrar un ritmo común y rimas entre los idiomas. ¡Espero que disfrutéis del resultado!
Llengües presents al projecte: català, castellà, anglès, francès, àrab, rus, igbo, fula, punjabi, urdú, bengalí, xinès, rromanò, romanès, polonès, suec, kichwa, guaraní i llengua de signes en la performance d'avui. El portuguès surt al text però el dia de l'enregistrament no vam poder grabar. Mesmo assim, eu gosto do fato de que esteja presente.

Project recycle batteries

Battery recycling is a recycling activity that aims to reduce the number of batteries being disposed as municipal solid waste. Batteries contain a number of heavy metals and toxic chemicals and disposing them by the same process as regular trash has raised concerns over soil contamination and water pollution.(Wikipedia)

At school we can recycle here, near the teachers' room, and he have made a video and a poster to promote it:

Project Re-clothing

This is our video for the campaign: BE TRENDY, REUSE CLOTHES!

Here you can find where to find your orange containers! Can you find the closest to the school?

The orange container

The orange container is the key element for the collection of textile waste.

The objective of Cooperativa Roba Amiga is to continue to expand the number of containers in Catalonia and to become an element of the landscape of our municipalities. To date, there are more than 1,700 containers distributed throughout the Catalan territory in more than 450 municipalities and private locations that comply with their actions of corporate social responsibility.

The Roba Amiga Cloth  is easily recognizable thanks to its orange color.

Project Sound Pollution

Our video presentation showing the experiment. We had some technical problems but we tried to solve them.

Project by The Gardeners.

We have researched noise pollution in our school. We have downloaded an app to measure the dB in different places and the same time: the canteen, the tWC corridor, the gym,  the yard and our class. We consider it is too noisy. We try to help reduce sound, because noise produce stress, headache and we can't concentrate.

Quantitative research
When? What time
How many dB?
13:45 Wed 13/03
60 dB
53 dB
76 dB
68 dB
Class 4B
74 dB

We have also asked people what they do to reduce noise and how can we help.

We selected two areas: the canteen and our class for an experiment.

At the canteen we have noticed a strategy to keep students quieter: they swith off the lights. Notice the difference in the video:

TRACK A (normal)
TRACK B (with lights off)

We propose to do something similar in class, and we give more ideas. We will try to see if the work!

Source: result for sound pollutionVisit our video:


EUROSCOLA: making of (2017)

Here you have the video of our making of...
  •  First we did a brainstorming with ideas and we were worried about Brexit, refugees crisiis and our future. 
  • Then we designed a storyboard on the blackboard with a storyline. The plot will be given by the concepts of generations we have learbt in class.
  • Next we created the outfits and make up to dress according to the decade and we will hold a sign with a set of values of the EU. We also incorporate the cap and flag tehy sent us from the Office Europe Direct.
  • After that we recorded and edited the video, choosing the music and effects and solve problems for uploading.
  • Finally we will share it in our school blog as well and local media in Badalona like the Radio marathon.
¡Aquí tenéis el vídeo del making of! Aquí teniu el video del making of!

Some inspirational materials: Generations + values (main theme)

Cerca con Google:
Orientación en Galicia: Xeración Z, Y e C e Educación: 

FORMER GENERATION (also Generation Y)
What comes after Generation Z? - OneEurope:  OUR GENERATION


They say it's a dark time... but we can see the stars shining and we know there will be a new tomorrow. Parallelism: night=hard times for UE (Brexit, refugee crisis, economic crisis...); hope= stars (in the painting and in the flag).

Fashion (casting and dressing/make-up); 
cómo vestirnos y maquillarnos según la década que representemos (desde 1957)
com anar vestits i maquillats segons la dècada (des de 1957).

Adapt dress, make up, hair style and pose to each decade:

WHAT: Values in our Carta Magna
(Treaty of Rome, 1957)
Ana (Ecuador)
Black and white
Alina (Italy)
Juanjo (Spain)
Dyed hair
Leather jacket
Ikram (Morocco)
Anthony (Nigeria)
Baseball cap
Anchu (Nepal) and Xi (China)
We are the values of the EU (written)
Kevin (Spain)
European cap
EU flag

Poster “Volem Acolllir”
We are the values of the EU (spoken). + Volem acollir (we want to welcome refugees…

Spaniards had to flee when the Civil War (1936)… now it’s them in Syria and other countries.
We want to help and can help. People might pass along but we must stand out for our values.

EUROSCOLA 2017: Keeping EU values!

EXPLANATION. We have worked on the concept of generation and applied it to the 60 years since the Treaty of Rome in 1957: from the Silent Generation of the 50, the babyboomers, the Generation X, the Y of the Millennials and the Z ). Each one of us maintains a value and represents a decade in the form of dress: the sober ones, the coloring of the 60s and social activism (hippy aesthetics); The 80's (punk); The 90 (Eurodisney); The 2000 and 2010 with multiculturalism and the present: with the refugee crisis and the Brexit we believe that it is worthwhile to go back on foundational values ​​to face the future in a positive way: that's why we turn back, we go to the stars of The EU flag (thanks to Europe Direct office) to the "étoiles" of Van Gogh, a reference of European painting, as the Big Bang of the joint project. We look to the future wanting to use values ​​to practice and therefore the message-in Catalan: Volem acollir = we want to welcome, many are foreigners, others from here, and together we want to make a better world. Like the dancing miracle of the artist's stars dancing in the sky despite the night... We can be these stars in the EU despite the hard times.

Hemos trabajado el concepto de generación y lo hemos aplicado a los 60 años transcurridos desde el Tratado de Roma en 1957: de la Silent Generation de los 50, a los babyboomers, la generación X, la Y de los Millennials y la Z (la nuestra). Cada uno nde nosotros mantiene un valor y representa una década en si forma de vestir: los sobrios 50, el colorido de los 60-70 y el activismo social (estética hippy); los 80 (punky); los 90 (Eurodisney); los 2000 y 2010 con la multiculturalidad y la actualidad: con la crisis de los refugiados y el Brexit creemos que vale la pena volver atrás en los valores fundacionales para afrontar el futuro de forma positiva: por eso damos marcha atrás, vamos a las estrellas de la bandera de la UE (gracias oficina Europe Direct) a las "étoiles" de Van Gogh, referente de la pintura europea, como Big Bang del proyecto común. Miramos al futuro queriendo usar los valores a la práctica y por eso el mensaje-en catalán: Volem acollir= queremos acoger;muchos somos extranjeros, otros de aquí, y juntos queremos hacer un mundo mejor

Final edit of the modern style video:

We like this video but it's too long for the requirements of the contest (1:30 min) 


Anyway we wanted to share it with you... 

and another making of! :)

We have enjoyed a lot and learnt about Europe and our generation, the past generation and what we can do for the future generations within the EU! Keeping the values of the EU!
Image result for EUROSCOLA LOGO


Sant Jordi competition 2017

love+rap+poem love rap poem you have some ideas!

4th ESO
3rd ESO
2nd ESO
1st ESO
Aula Oberta: How to write a RAP song?

Act out the poems' stanzas in groups of 5

Irregular verbs rap song

For inspiration (or cheating!)

Just for fun: ambigrams!

ESO4: Getting a job

As you can see above, the smaller company process is much simpler and ...
Consider the image above: what are the main differences when you apply to a big company or to a small company?

Click on the links in most boxes, to get further information
Think of a possible job you could take next summer in an English-speaking country, what would it be? What qualifications do you need? And experience? How would you tailor your CV? What would you explain in your cover letter? How would you prepare for an interview? (telephone, skype, face to face)...

Create your CV (un America they say resume). There are many models and templates you can use.
Here you have a link to the  EUROPASS model:
More examples following American templates here:

Now, think beyond the standard models and be AS CREATIVE AS YOU CAN! How would you stand out of the rest of CVs? Here you have creative examples!

Here you have an interactive CV (gamers, that's for you! couldn't it be the best job ever?)

And here you have a gem I found (in Spanish, with Engish subtitles):

I know you are also doing your CV in Spanish and Catalan. If you want to go beyond also in your language, here you have more ideas for a videocurriculum:

Tutorial for Adobe Clip (app to edit your videos in your mobile phone):

Finally, imagine that you find the advertising of the job of your life in 10 years time: start visualizing and preparing for that day! Prepare a CV and a cover letter for that job, invent your work experience and foresee your qualifications, and don't forget your languages level, digital skills and other interesting information!





INTERNET SAFETY: 1st EducaInternet Contest

This is our proposal for the first contest on Internet Safety. We love the Kahoot platform because it is easy and fun and you learn while you share knowledge with your colleagues. We think it is a language we understand, you can work in group, you can research and make the questions and challenge your classmates... and it's online and for free!

We hope you find it interesting and useful!

Teacher's note: You can show and share. Your friends can learn on Internet Safety and vote for our resource here:

Remember you have more information about the contest and the modules on Internet Safety to keep learning about these issues. Good luck!



Hi! Thank your for your FANTASTIC ideas to change the world! Here you have a mind map of the ideas you shared in class for your campaigns. You can use or other similar webppages to create mind maps and connect ideas in a visual way.

Remember to fill in the document you can find in your Drive, it will help you create and develop your campaign. The steps to follow are:
1. Brainstorming: what environmental problems do we find around us? Which ones worry or conern us the most? Whaat is in our hands to help?
2. Choose one of the problems and look for the causes and consequences. Are there aany campaigns addressing it? Can we get some ideas and/or contribute to the cause? Look at the visuals of their campaign: posters, videos, logos, mottos.. who are they addressing to? How are they trying to convince people?
3. Create your own campaign. Create a poster and dare with a video too! You can create an online campaign or distribute leaflets. Your materials should be adapted to your audience and your idea! E.g. use recycled paper...
4. Oral presentation: prepare a presentation for the class; all members have to present a different idea of the project.
5. Assess your work and your campaign. What is the impact of your campaign? Have you contributed to change the world for the better? What was your role? How do you assess your performance and your classmates' (in your group and the other groups)?

Good luck: together we can change the world! Think globally, act locally... or beyond! 


Group name: Pinkies
Students: Ana, Alicia, Ceci
Title: Be trendy: don't throw them away, give it a-way!

1. Share here the campaigns you have found on the internet (web pages, pictures…):

2. Paste here the information you have found about the problem and answer the questions:

  1. What is the problem?
Some people throw away their old clothes.
  1. What are the causes?
They think their clothes are useless.
  1. What are the consequences?
Some people haven’t got any clothes.
  1. What can we do to solve it?
We can mend old clothes and reuse them. 
  1. Who are they addressing their campaign?
People in our town.

3. Design your campaign: POSTER / VIDEO

  1. What is the problem?
  2. Why is it important to solve it?
  3. Who are you addressing?
  4. How are you convincing your target audience?
  5. What materials will you need?

4. Presentation

Divide it in parts. Who is going to say what?

CeciGood mornig. We are Ceci, Ana and Alicia and we are going to show you our campaign about reusing clothes. (...)

5. Conclusions / Self-assessment.

Activity carried on (research, cut, draw, write email, record video, act, interview...)
Marks (1-10)

Strong aspects of the team:

Weak aspects to improve:

Assessment of the other groups (2.5 marks per item; total= 10 marks)

Body language
Quality of materials
Student A

Student B

Student C

Student D

Persuasion (are they convincing?)
(causes and effects; need to act)
(have they reached their goal?)
(clear, attractive, interactive)