ESO4: Let's go to the theatre! THE MOUSETRAP by Agatha Christie (I)

1) Read the introduction to the play and turn ALL verb tenses into the past (x10). Example:
Mollie and Giles Ralston were opening their guesthouse, Monkswell Manor, for its first guests.

Mollie and Giles Ralston are opening their guesthouse, Monkswell Manor, for its first guests. They are new to the business and struggle with the details and an unusually heavy snowstorm. They hear on the radio that a Mrs. Maureen Lyon has been murdered in London and the suspect is wearing a dark overcoat, light scarf, and soft felt hat. Giles is wearing similar outerwear, as are many of the guests. After all the guests have settled in, Mollie receives a phone call from the Police station. She is informed that Sergeant Trotter will be coming to the Manor and everyone must fully cooperate with him.

2a) What was the suspect wearing? 2b) How many suspects were there?

2c) Let's describe the character in groups. Choose one character per group and answer the questions using the past simple and the past continuous: 

a) What did they look like?
b) What were they wearing?

Discuss who matches the description given on the radio notice orally.

3) Complete the questions with the given words and then answer them:  
who, what, when, where, why, how
E.g. Who was the author? The author was Agatha Christie.

______ was the play written? The play was written in...
______ did it happen?
______ did the action take place?
______ did you think the murder was at the beginning?
______ did he or she do it?
______ did he/she do it?

The title comes from a nursery rhyme called "Three Blind Mice" that you can listen to on the video below. 
4a) What picture above corresponds to the nursery rhyme referred to in  our play?
4b) Once you have seen the play... What do you think: Does the title match the play? Why?

Three blind mice. Three blind mice. Oh!
See how they run. See how they run. Oh!
They all ran after the farmer's wife, Oh!
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife, Oh!
Did you ever see such a sight in your life, Oh! 
Just see...
As three blind mice?

5) CRIME words. Use a dictionary and look them up! You can add more words.
How can you organize these words in a diagram? Use a spider web!

                                                     People --- CRIME---Types
                                                                   Case elements

People: suspect, witness, detective, murderer/victim, accomplice, innocent/guilty...
Types: strangle, kill, poison, stab, murder...
Case elements: clue, footprints, fingerprints, alibi, weapon, magnifying glass (picture), handcuffs...

Finally, write a report on your experience. When did you go? Who did you go with? Did you like the play? Mention characterization, music, props, dressing, hairdressing and make-up, acting. What's the secret of its success? Keep the secret!!

St Martin's Theatre, Covent Garden, London-16March2010.jpgDID YOU KNOW?
The Mousetrap is a murder mystery play by Agatha ChristieThe Mousetrap opened in the West End of London in 1952, and has been running continuously since then. It has by far the longest initial run of any play in history, with its 25,000th performance taking place on 18 November 2012. It is the longest running show (of any type) of the modern era. The play is also known for its twist ending, which the audience are traditionally asked not to reveal after leaving the theatre.

More info in


ALL: Halloween time!!

ESO 1: Short film "The friendly ghost".

True or False
1) The ghost's name is Caspian.
2) The boys receive candy after saying "trick or treat".
3) The boys didn't know Casper was a real ghost.
4) The girl's name is Mary.
5) There are two violinists and two guitarists at the party.

Extra: The girl isn't scared of the ghost. Why? Because...


ESO3 and 4: Short film "Selfie"

Choose the correct answer
1.What kind of fim is the girl watching?
a) Comedy  b) Horror  c) Action
2. What's not her hobby?
a) Puzzle games  b) Photography  c) Chess
3. What is she preparing in the microwave?
a) Pop corn  b) Chips  c) Nachos
4. What Halloween elements can't you see in the decoration?
a) Jack-o'-lantern  b) Bats and witches  c) Skull
5. What did she found in the last piece of the puzzle?
a) Nothing   b) A mask  c) A monster

Extra: Whats do these times refer to? 2:20  2:07
Were you scared? Why? Was the end expected or unexpected?

ESO3: Can you talk about her hobbies? Use the expressions you have learnt (she's into... she's a fan of... she's interested in...)
ESO4: What does she look like? Use the vocabulary you've learnt (She's wearing...)

Do you know any scary story? Share it!

And remember we have many mysterious books at the English Department library! Do you dare????
By the way, if you are into R.L.Stine's The Nighmare Room, i.e. "Pesadillas", here you have an episode you can watch (part 1 and 2): "Don't forget me" and

More films:

ESO1: F-T-T-F-F. Because she's a ghost, too!
ESO3&4 bcaba
ESO3: films, puzzles, cooking, photography, fashion/costumes...
ESO4: make-up, ring, piercing, black nail polish...

ESO1: Games with vocabulary (family and body)

Watch this video and snap your fingers!

Do you know this family? What members of the family can you name? Father, mother... Husband, wife... The text below will help you!

The slogan of the film is "weird is relative"... what's the double meaning of "relative"?

Gomez Addams - the head of the household, as long as its okay with Morticia. Independently wealthy allowing him to spend his time enjoying all sorts of activities with his family. Loves sword fighting, blowing up his trains, and all forms of competition. 

Morticia Addams - Gomez' beautiful wife. Especially enjoys any sort of activity with Gomez, and almost always beats him at whatever they do. Seems to have a real knack for some things - such as interior decorating, painting, and playwriting

Wednesday Addams - 12 year old daughter of Gomez and Morticia. Respects her parents and follows their example very closely. She resembles Morticia when Morticia was young. She is described to the police as: "Wears her hair in long dark braids, has the most innocent face, and likes to carry a scalpel"  Enjoys being with her brother and especially enjoys attempts to torture him and hear him scream.

Pugsley Addams - younger 9-year old brother of Wednesday. More than anyone else in the family, Pugsley sometimes acts almost normal - to the dismay of the family who get very worried about him. His famous scream is a staple of the show. Pugsley loves animals of all types. He is very good at checkers.

Fester Addams - is Gomez' unmarried younger brother. Loves bombs, explosives, grenades, and explosions in general.

Eudora Addams - Gomez and Fester's Mama. She's a witch with a licence from the Department of Witchcraft and is also a doctor (witch doctor?). Her spells are a bit rusty and often don't work. But she tries really hard and cooks up great meals for the family. Wednesday and Pugsley call her "Grandmama". Eudora loves soap operas.

Lurch - the devoted family butler. The 8 foot tall serious deep-voiced Lurch puts the family ahead of himself and is often very insecure. Does all the household chores except for the cooking. He is color blind. Lurch enjoys and is very good at Poker.

Thing - Thing T. Thing - a disembodied hand that lives with the family and helps around the house. Talks through sign language and drinks through his fingers. He has his own little room, complete with a little bed

They have a special pet... it's a hand! Do you remember the body parts we learnt with the rap song?
Here you have more songs about the body:
Image of a Human Head
Can you name the parts of this face? :)

And now, test yourself with these games with body parts!
Choose your level! Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper-Intermediate


ESO3: Hobbies and games

UNIT 1: Relax!

Here you have some online games to practise your vocabulary on hobbies! Remember there are many ways to say that you like something! Make true sentences using these expressions!

I like...
I'm interested in...
I'm keen on...
I'm quite good at...
I'm a fan of...
I'm into...

How often do you practise your hobbies?
Never, hardly ever, sometimes, often, usually, always // once (x1)/ twice (x2)/ three times (x3) a week...
Remember the word order of frequency adverbs, between subject and verb:
I never go jogging. I usually play football.
However, they are placed after the verb TO BE: I'm always drawing! I always am drawing
He is sometimes playing cards He sometimes is playing cards,%20Activities%20and%20Sports%20Quiz%20Show/play.html

Extra help:
Extra vocabulary:
Keeping fit:
Many more:

What does she like? And what does he like? Use the same expressions above talking about her and him!
She likes reading. He's into football.


ESO4: London Fashion Week!


Welcome to London! Have a look to this video: a girl is arriving from the United States to visit her friends in England and they go on a typical double-decker (a bus with two floors) tour.

CULTURE: Task 1 proposed by the British Council webpage: what sights can you recognize? (Number them on your map at the end of your dossier!)

Optional: Task 2 and 3. LISTENING
Watch again and notice the clothes these four youngsters wear.

1-What are they wearing? 
2-How would you describe their style? Formal, casual, old-fashioned, trendy...

Pay attention to the "missunderstanding" on their clothes: in the UK "Pants" typically refers to underwear. In other parts of the world, notably the USA, "pants" refers to trousers.

Let's learn more about fashion in the capital of England: CANDEM TOWN, the birth place of Punk! 
Have you ever heard of this part of London?

Act out a dialogue going shopping for some clothes or footwear. You can also bargain on the price! Reference: and language focus. Try to include: 
-Can I try this on? 
-Can I have it in ... size? (sizes: S M L XL) [small, medium, large, extra large]
-Do you have it in blue (colour)?
-How much is it? 
-Is there any discount?

Make teams and organize your own catwalk and fashion show! You can have some tips here:

Get some magazines, choose your models and describe their physical appearance and what they are wearing in detail. 

VOCABULARY REVISION: Can you add more clothes? Footwear? And complements? 


ALL: Volcanoes! Activities before our visit to Olot.

We are visiting the volcanic area of Olot this year and that is why we are going to learn about volcanoes!

ESO 1 & 2: Watch the video. True or False?
1-There are different types of volcanoes
2-Hot melted rock is called magma outside of the volcano
3-The Ring of Fire has 75% of volcanoes on Earth
4-There aren't volcanoes in other planets
5-Pumice is a rock that can float on water

ESO 3 & 4: Watch the video. True or False? the past, volcanoes were believed to start in the Core of the Earth.
2-Magma is found between the Upper Mantle and the Lower Crust
3-Heat and gases always press the magma up gently, not violently
4-Lava is what magma is called after it comes out of the volcano
5-The biggest volcano on Earth is Mauna Loa, on the biggest island of Hawaii

PUNS: one apple a day keeps the doctor (volcano) away; eat around the crust (sandwich); can you give me a hand?; it's as easy as pie.


Check the link above and answer the worksheet your teacher will deliver to you. Have a look to the parts of a volcano:

ESO 1 & 2: Three categories of volcano: ACTIVE, DORMANT and EXTINCT

Find the answer!
-How does a volcano form?
-Why does a volcano become extinct?

ESO3 & 4: Types of volcanoes:

What does the animation show? What do they have to do with volcanoes?
Continental Drift
What countries are totally (or mostly totally) affected by the Ring of Fire?
Have you ever visited a volcano before? Would you be scared if you lived near one? Explain to the class and write about this.

1-Where are these famous volcanoes? Name the continent and the country. Locate them on a map. What category and type of volcanoes are they?
Cruscat, Teide, Kilimanjaro, Fuji, Vesuvius, Rotorua, Diamond Head, Pacaya, Hofsjökull, Krakatoa.
2-Interactive activity: create your own volcano!

Team work-Display ideas:

Ideas for teachers and students:

Project: Create a foldable book with al the facts you have learnt about volcanoes! Look at this beaautifu example from


ALL: Welcome! 2014-15

Hello! Get ready for an exciting academic year where we will test your erupting creativity and your English skills will improve! Why? Because we are visiting the volcanic area of Olot and the Jordan beech! This is our "Discover Catalonia" project but many ore surprises await for us. Moreover, get ready to travel all around the world in each unit throughout the course to discover amazing cultural facts of the English-speaking world!

If this is your first year in our school, WELCOME! This is your English blog for the year where notes, videos, games and extra activities will be uploaded every now and then to motivate you in your English learning whole experience.

This year you will be challenged by the Euroscola contest, where team work is essential and you can win a trip abroad. Furthermore, we will have the chance to develop our speaking skills through dramatization in our split group hours so don't be shy and be up for rehearsing!

This is your last year in our school (hopefully!) and the external exams are ahead... but we want it to be your best year ever so many projects are ahead and an end-of-year trip abroad, festival and much more. We will help you deciding about your future path and we will have time to develop these matters throughout the year, it is the time to do your best!

So have a look to this video from Kid President to start up! Get INSPIRED!

And for teachers... and students too, this video about experienced teachers on their first day at school... as teachers!


  • 30% Procedures: homework/dossier, compositions, reading
  • 40% Contents: tests (speaking and written: vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing)
  • 30% Attitude: punctuality, participation, politeness

For speaking tests:
25% Accuracy
25% Fluency
25% Pronunciation
25% Acting/Originality

For compositions:          
20% Accuracy (Acc):  grammar, spelling, word order...
20% Fluency (Fl): punctuation, connectors...
20% Structure (Str): title, number of paragraphs, separations...
20% Presentation (Pr): neat and polished, extra requirements: image, map...
20% Originality (Or): you research and use your own ideas beyond the model

IMPORTANT!! Plagiarism (copying) and atomatic translation (e.g. Google translation) will result in an UNQUALIFIED composition (i.e. 0), check and other online or print dictionaries.

For reading papers:
Choose the book you like according to your level and complete the reading worksheet. Share your comments with your colleagues in the READING CLUB board and complete the activities in the book to male the best of your reading!

Remember you have graded books to enjoy reading in English at the Languages Department and you can ask for books as many times as you want as this will help you develop your vocabulary and your reading comprehension.


We will use a digital book, Switch (Oxford University Press) Students and Workbook, so you will need a laptop or netbook.

You will also have materials from other sources.
In the absence of your teacher check your email inbox for instructions and this blog. If there are problems with the Internet connection you wil have printed materials delivered by the cover teacher.


Diary (homework and exams)
White sheets (better recycled!)
Plastic pockets (to keep your dossiers)
Pens (blue/black for notes, green for self-marking, red for marking)
Coloured pencils, scissors, glue... (for different projects)
Earphones (some listening activities will be on your own)

Match! (Interactive board activity): write the name of the objects:

Proposed heading for CC English (Common Credit English):

CC English                      Tuesday, 16th September 2014
UNIT 1                                     Name Surname Surname

Activity 1: