ESO4: Welcome Unit. Cyprus!

We start the academic year in one of the most attractive summer destinations in Europe, the island of Cyprus, on the East of the Mediterranean Sea. We'll revise vocabulary and grammar from other years, recycle our knowledge of basic question words and listen to one of the most famous Cypriot singers at the moment: Ivi Adamou, Eurovision contestant for this country in 2012. You'll even interview her! Enjoy it!

ESO4: Unit 1 (2012-13). London Fashion.

Welcome to the trendy city of London. Walking throughout the capital of England, we'll visit some of its monuments along the Thames River and we'll go shopping to posh malls such as Harrods and to street markets like Camden Market. You will also discover the history of the Punks: they usually wear scruffy clothes and have dyed hair, tattoos and piercings. Then, you will have to describe your favourite celebrities: are they trendy or old-fashioned? Do they dress elegantly or with smart-casual clothes? Finally... why don't we organize a fashion show? Practise your catwalking and look for accessories just in case ;)


ESO3: Learning to learn (L2L)-Mind maps.

I would like to introduce you to a strategy to learn grammar or vocabulary (or actually whatever you want) in a creative way: mind maps! It's a way to organize what you have to learn creating threads or branches from a particular idea. You can have a chore illustration and from there add smaller branches. The more creative you are the better!

Ana Todorovic, from Serbia, proposes this mind map for the Present Smple: a big Superman to help us when the alarm sounds (third person singular: he/she/it adds -S, like the "S" for Superman). Can you identify other clues she uses?

Mind Map of Present Simple Tense

Your turn:
Study her example and try to make a mind map on your own for the Present Continuous (you can use the information below).