ESO1, 3 and 4: Summer Homework

Dear students,

You have already got your summer homework dossier. 

Dossier for ESO1 is pretty easy to follow and review the contents we have seen during the year. Remember you can find different games and fun activities here: Try at least one of them and you can comment it on when you come back! It's a webpage from the USA so you can learn more about the 4th of July as well (Independence Day).

ESO3 (and ESO4 if you sit September exams)

For year 3 and 4 you have a dossier with the following contents:

a) Vocabulary exercises (two pages)
b) Grammar exercises (two pages)
c) A song

For a) and b) write your answers in pen on the dossier and write on a separate sheet the exercises that don't fit on the page. In the b) section in the Listening exercise just translate the expression, and we will do the Speaking in class.

For the song, fill in the gaps while listening the song on Youtube, and complete the fact file. IMPORTANT: You have to look for another song you like and do a similar page:

1) Look for a song and the lyrics (look at and remove five or seven words (pùt the in a box)
2) Include a picture of the singer
3) Research his/her biography and make an exercise like the FACT FILE.
4) Translate the song.

I hope you enjoy the activity AND MAKE YOUR BEST THIS SUMMER!
Best wishes,


ALL: Outputs 2012-2013

Here we have some outputs of our outstanding work during this year. Thank you for your effort and do always your best!!

Get to know Catalunya Project (Projecte Conèixer Catalunya): video in la Vall de Núria (nature vocabulary).


1st ESO: Introducing myself (portraits), family trees research, fashion show, Halloween masks, Christmas decorations, Sant Jordi calligrams, comparing schools, free time and sports competitions, healthy food and our Dream Houses!

Foto: 1st ESO Dream houses

3rd ESO: Euro-scola campaigns: promotion of 112 service, European health card, volunteering and the right use of videogames. Reading Polynesia. Sant Jordi's poems, comparing family and friends, your bedroom, your future wish list. And the collaboration with the music department for the European Hymn concert.

4th ESO: Polynesia-Melanesia-Micronesia powerpoint presentations, Aboriginal Australian culture, reading Polynesia, formal CVs versus Original CVs.

Foto: 4th ESO Formal and original CVs
Foto: Creative resumés

I will not forget all the role plays and games throughout the year:

1st ESO: where are you from?, what's your phone number?, the Silence King, the music count down, elephant's memory game, body rap and dance, the division line, pictionary and hangman, or the lists!

3rd ESO: going shopping, what do you like?, giving directions, giving advice, and our cultural challenges (Malta, the UK, Scotland, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Hong Kong, Australia and Africa)
4th ESO: external assesment (in Hawaii), transform your classroom in a food court/restaurant; going to a doctor (...your teacher); and the cultural challenges (Cyprus, London, Ireland, the Pacific Islands, Canada, the USA and Asia). And films such as "Rabbit Proof Fence", "Ae Fond Kiss" and "Slumdog Millionaire".

And the visit to the Official Languages School in Badalona and the extraordinary Zero Lessons in German and French and the Advanced lesson for those who are learning French already.

I hope you have learnt a lot during this year. Now, don't be shy, use your English and keep improving it!


ESO1: Music!

1. Let's start with a contest. Every couple has to make a list with as many music styles as they can. The one with more music styles will be the winners! If you guess my two favourite styles you'll get double he points :) (Clue. C____ M______ and Ch____ O___ ).
2. Can you organize these intruments in different families? A. STRING  B) WIND C) PERCUSSION. Add some more instruments!
3. Let's listen to these instruments, can you identify them? Then we will watch the video and check the answers.
EXTRA: What's your favourite style? What instruments are usually played in that style? Talk about your favourite group and song.
Finally, pick a song of your choice and try to make a fill in the gaps exercise remving 7 words from the lyrics.