ESO1, 3 and 4: Summer Homework

Dear students,

You have already got your summer homework dossier. 

Dossier for ESO1 is pretty easy to follow and review the contents we have seen during the year. Remember you can find different games and fun activities here: Try at least one of them and you can comment it on when you come back! It's a webpage from the USA so you can learn more about the 4th of July as well (Independence Day).

ESO3 (and ESO4 if you sit September exams)

For year 3 and 4 you have a dossier with the following contents:

a) Vocabulary exercises (two pages)
b) Grammar exercises (two pages)
c) A song

For a) and b) write your answers in pen on the dossier and write on a separate sheet the exercises that don't fit on the page. In the b) section in the Listening exercise just translate the expression, and we will do the Speaking in class.

For the song, fill in the gaps while listening the song on Youtube, and complete the fact file. IMPORTANT: You have to look for another song you like and do a similar page:

1) Look for a song and the lyrics (look at and remove five or seven words (pùt the in a box)
2) Include a picture of the singer
3) Research his/her biography and make an exercise like the FACT FILE.
4) Translate the song.

I hope you enjoy the activity AND MAKE YOUR BEST THIS SUMMER!
Best wishes,

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