ESO4: UNIT5 READING: "Borders" by Thomas King (Canada and USA... actually Blackfoot)

Dear students,

Please find attached a reading for Easter Holidays called "Borders", a story about a Blackfoot woman in the border between Canada and the USA.

4th A: Work in your own groups of 3-4 people.
4th B: You can work in pairs (2) or groups of 3-4 people.

Presentation of the paper (treball)
COVER: Title, names, group 4th A/B
Contents (Índex)
1-American Indians: The Blackfoot. Look for information about the Blackfoot: who are they, population, languages, states/provinces where they are located, languages...and 
some of their traditions (traditional economy: _____ hunters and ____ fishers).
 In what area of the following map are they located? (include a map)
2-Look up the vocabulary: find at least 10 words in the dictionary and write them down. 3-Answer the 5 questions at the end of the text. 
4-Make 4 questions about the text (what/who/where/when/why/how/how many/which...) and provide their answer.
For example: What countries does the border separate?
Answer: Canada and the United States of America.
5-Self-assessment. Complete this chart:

Deadline-(data d''entrega):15 April 2015

There will be a little test after this about the story and the Blackfoot people.

Happy Easter!