Here you have a sample of your work during this year. Thank you for your effort! From creative cooking to writing postcards or imagining our near (or far away) future. You have been really motivated and inspiring, so... Congratulations!


Here you have some of your creations, you are amazing chefs!

Mostrando 20140516_120027.jpgMostrando 20140516_120636.jpg
Mostrando 20140520_095524.jpgMostrando 20140516_115532.jpg


Summer is back! And... ESO4 students: Congratulations! You have already graduated. This is an ending and this means a new beginning: the best of luck to all of you and keep practising your English eagerly!

LISTENING: For the other summer hits to listen and dance...

VOC AND GRAMMAR: If you want to revise while playing, here you have a loooong list of games, from vocabulary to greetings, or from simple present to all conditionals.

READING: Try to read another book in English this summer too! You can also try:
-FREE online books here:

SPEAKING! And flirt in English ;) Don't be shy and speak up to break the ice!
  • If I could rewrite the alphabet, I would put U (you) and I together
  • Do you have a twin sister/brother? No?  Then you are officially the most beautiful girl/boy in the world.
  • I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
  • Is your name Summer? Because you’re so hot you’re burning me up.
Finally, WRITE a postcard in English about your summer!