ESO3: Crime vocabulary: Cybercrime!

We start Unit 3 travelling to one of my favoiurite countries: New Zealand! But is is so far away that we need to do a stop-over in San Francisco. After  learning about Al Capone and the Alcatraz prison we will become familiar to some vocabulary related to crime and justice. Do you remember the case of that student accused of hacking? Beware... safety on the Internet is extremely important!

Rosa Saló is an English teacher in Girona who has engaged in an excellent project with interesting materials to work the contents of this unit. Visit for more info: Here you have an example of what "detectives" of your age can do!

LISTENING: Watch this Phineas and Ferb's video and copy the cyberules on your notebook. Then translate them. What do you think about it?

SPEAKING: Let's discuss about cyberbulling... What is it? What types of cyberbulling are there? How can you avoid it or what can you do to fight it? How would you help a friend who is experiencing it? As in Rosa's web we can elaborate a list of DO's and DON'Ts from the following webpage and discuss

READING:  Here you can read about the daily routine of an FBI agent... if there is such a thing for an agent!
WRITING: Write a story in groups of two or three with random words from this unit. It has to be a mystery/crime story soi try to keep the guilty person until the end!
It's like playing CLUEDO! You need a scene, a victim, a murderer, and at least two suspects!

For high level talents don't miss this out!

GAMES: Play different games from the FBI webpage to get familiar to this new vocabulary.



ESO3: Revision of shopping vocabulary and directions.

Getting ready for the exam? Here you have extra practice for shops and directions!
  • Task 1 and 2 for revision. 
  • Task 3 for advancing in your knowledge!
  • Task 4 with listening activities!