This is the second year we are going to participate in the Euroscola contest, in which you will be competing with students from other schools to learn about the European Union and win fantastic prizes! This year's main topic is Citizenship. Are you up for the challenge? Last year we were finalists so... let's go for it!


ESO4: External assessment

Here you have some extra links to practise your skills before the test!



1. Follow the example of the last reading exercise and write a letter to a friend explaining your traveling plans for this summer.
2. Introduce yourself to the family that will host you in New Zealand for one month: talk about your likes and dislikes, food matters, hobbies, family and expectations.
3. Advertise your town in a brochure for people of your age: talk about interesting sites, monuments, leisure activities, weather and typical festivities.


ESO4: Being human... and animal!

Here you have a picture with external parts of the body to learn: ... and here you'll find other organs:

Try to draw the body and the different body parts and leran vocabulary ths way. Read sources in English to expand your vocabulary!

Here you'll find extra exercises:

Have a look and become a surgeon!:

ESO1: What's the time?

Hello! Here you will find up to FIFTEEN games to tell the time in English...can you spot on the right time? 
If you need to revise how to tell the time try this link: