ESO4: Let's go to the theatre! THE MOUSETRAP by Agatha Christie (I)

1) Read the introduction to the play and turn ALL verb tenses into the past (x10). Example:
Mollie and Giles Ralston were opening their guesthouse, Monkswell Manor, for its first guests.

Mollie and Giles Ralston are opening their guesthouse, Monkswell Manor, for its first guests. They are new to the business and struggle with the details and an unusually heavy snowstorm. They hear on the radio that a Mrs. Maureen Lyon has been murdered in London and the suspect is wearing a dark overcoat, light scarf, and soft felt hat. Giles is wearing similar outerwear, as are many of the guests. After all the guests have settled in, Mollie receives a phone call from the Police station. She is informed that Sergeant Trotter will be coming to the Manor and everyone must fully cooperate with him.

2a) What was the suspect wearing? 2b) How many suspects were there?

2c) Let's describe the character in groups. Choose one character per group and answer the questions using the past simple and the past continuous: 

a) What did they look like?
b) What were they wearing?

Discuss who matches the description given on the radio notice orally.

3) Complete the questions with the given words and then answer them:  
who, what, when, where, why, how
E.g. Who was the author? The author was Agatha Christie.

______ was the play written? The play was written in...
______ did it happen?
______ did the action take place?
______ did you think the murder was at the beginning?
______ did he or she do it?
______ did he/she do it?

The title comes from a nursery rhyme called "Three Blind Mice" that you can listen to on the video below. 
4a) What picture above corresponds to the nursery rhyme referred to in  our play?
4b) Once you have seen the play... What do you think: Does the title match the play? Why?

Three blind mice. Three blind mice. Oh!
See how they run. See how they run. Oh!
They all ran after the farmer's wife, Oh!
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife, Oh!
Did you ever see such a sight in your life, Oh! 
Just see...
As three blind mice?

5) CRIME words. Use a dictionary and look them up! You can add more words.
How can you organize these words in a diagram? Use a spider web!

                                                     People --- CRIME---Types
                                                                   Case elements

People: suspect, witness, detective, murderer/victim, accomplice, innocent/guilty...
Types: strangle, kill, poison, stab, murder...
Case elements: clue, footprints, fingerprints, alibi, weapon, magnifying glass (picture), handcuffs...

Finally, write a report on your experience. When did you go? Who did you go with? Did you like the play? Mention characterization, music, props, dressing, hairdressing and make-up, acting. What's the secret of its success? Keep the secret!!

St Martin's Theatre, Covent Garden, London-16March2010.jpgDID YOU KNOW?
The Mousetrap is a murder mystery play by Agatha ChristieThe Mousetrap opened in the West End of London in 1952, and has been running continuously since then. It has by far the longest initial run of any play in history, with its 25,000th performance taking place on 18 November 2012. It is the longest running show (of any type) of the modern era. The play is also known for its twist ending, which the audience are traditionally asked not to reveal after leaving the theatre.

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