ESO 1: Daily routine in a boarding school

Warm-up: revise the DAILY ROUTINE vocabulary:

Can you imagine what is life like in a boarding school? It is a school where you don't only studyu, but also pend your free time, have all your meals ans even sleep there! Would you like to study in a boarding school?

Have a look to the daily routine of these students and answer the questions. What kind or school do you think it will be? (what kind of means what type of...):
a. sports school   b. languages school  c. drama school

1. Put in order the activities they do in the morning:
      get dressed / brush their teeth  / have breakfast / comb their hair /  wake up

2. They go to school at...
     seven o'clock / ten past seven / quarter past seven / half  past seven

3. They go to school...
    by car  / by bus  / on foot  / by bicycle

4. What sports do they practise?
5. Where do they eat? And where do they have dinner?
6. When do they have breakfast? And lunch? And dinner?
7. What do they do in their free time?
8. At what time do they come back from school in the afternoon?
    1:45 am /  1:45 pm   / 2 pm   / 2:30 pm
9. Who can study in La Masia? How do they feel in there?
10.What do you prefer, a normal school or a boarding school? Why?

SP/WR: Has your vision of boarding schools changed after watching the video? Why?
Examples for your answers:
-Yes, because I think that living in a boarding school is fun / interesting / great: you can live with your friends!
-No, because I think that living in a boarding school is boring / stressing / sad: you can't see your parents often!

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