ALL: Volcanoes! Activities before our visit to Olot.

We are visiting the volcanic area of Olot this year and that is why we are going to learn about volcanoes!

ESO 1 & 2: Watch the video. True or False?
1-There are different types of volcanoes
2-Hot melted rock is called magma outside of the volcano
3-The Ring of Fire has 75% of volcanoes on Earth
4-There aren't volcanoes in other planets
5-Pumice is a rock that can float on water

ESO 3 & 4: Watch the video. True or False? the past, volcanoes were believed to start in the Core of the Earth.
2-Magma is found between the Upper Mantle and the Lower Crust
3-Heat and gases always press the magma up gently, not violently
4-Lava is what magma is called after it comes out of the volcano
5-The biggest volcano on Earth is Mauna Loa, on the biggest island of Hawaii

PUNS: one apple a day keeps the doctor (volcano) away; eat around the crust (sandwich); can you give me a hand?; it's as easy as pie.


Check the link above and answer the worksheet your teacher will deliver to you. Have a look to the parts of a volcano:

ESO 1 & 2: Three categories of volcano: ACTIVE, DORMANT and EXTINCT

Find the answer!
-How does a volcano form?
-Why does a volcano become extinct?

ESO3 & 4: Types of volcanoes:

What does the animation show? What do they have to do with volcanoes?
Continental Drift
What countries are totally (or mostly totally) affected by the Ring of Fire?
Have you ever visited a volcano before? Would you be scared if you lived near one? Explain to the class and write about this.

1-Where are these famous volcanoes? Name the continent and the country. Locate them on a map. What category and type of volcanoes are they?
Cruscat, Teide, Kilimanjaro, Fuji, Vesuvius, Rotorua, Diamond Head, Pacaya, Hofsjökull, Krakatoa.
2-Interactive activity: create your own volcano!

Team work-Display ideas:

Ideas for teachers and students:

Project: Create a foldable book with al the facts you have learnt about volcanoes! Look at this beaautifu example from

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