ESO4: London Fashion Week!


Welcome to London! Have a look to this video: a girl is arriving from the United States to visit her friends in England and they go on a typical double-decker (a bus with two floors) tour.

CULTURE: Task 1 proposed by the British Council webpage: what sights can you recognize? (Number them on your map at the end of your dossier!)

Optional: Task 2 and 3. LISTENING
Watch again and notice the clothes these four youngsters wear.

1-What are they wearing? 
2-How would you describe their style? Formal, casual, old-fashioned, trendy...

Pay attention to the "missunderstanding" on their clothes: in the UK "Pants" typically refers to underwear. In other parts of the world, notably the USA, "pants" refers to trousers.

Let's learn more about fashion in the capital of England: CANDEM TOWN, the birth place of Punk! 
Have you ever heard of this part of London?

Act out a dialogue going shopping for some clothes or footwear. You can also bargain on the price! Reference: and language focus. Try to include: 
-Can I try this on? 
-Can I have it in ... size? (sizes: S M L XL) [small, medium, large, extra large]
-Do you have it in blue (colour)?
-How much is it? 
-Is there any discount?

Make teams and organize your own catwalk and fashion show! You can have some tips here:

Get some magazines, choose your models and describe their physical appearance and what they are wearing in detail. 

VOCABULARY REVISION: Can you add more clothes? Footwear? And complements? 

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