ESO3: Hobbies and games

UNIT 1: Relax!

Here you have some online games to practise your vocabulary on hobbies! Remember there are many ways to say that you like something! Make true sentences using these expressions!

I like...
I'm interested in...
I'm keen on...
I'm quite good at...
I'm a fan of...
I'm into...

How often do you practise your hobbies?
Never, hardly ever, sometimes, often, usually, always // once (x1)/ twice (x2)/ three times (x3) a week...
Remember the word order of frequency adverbs, between subject and verb:
I never go jogging. I usually play football.
However, they are placed after the verb TO BE: I'm always drawing! I always am drawing
He is sometimes playing cards He sometimes is playing cards,%20Activities%20and%20Sports%20Quiz%20Show/play.html

Extra help:
Extra vocabulary:
Keeping fit:
Many more:

What does she like? And what does he like? Use the same expressions above talking about her and him!
She likes reading. He's into football.

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