ESO3: Summer Homework



You are going to travel in time to the 20th century and live like a child in
a particular period of time. You have to prepare a dossier, with a cover
including your name and the title “TALES OF LONDON”. Include the following

1. DRAW! Change your ghost and describe it: colour, clothes, complements.
Print the screen or draw it.
2. READ! Choose one tale and read through it: Work, Blitz, Fog or Pop. Write
all your answers when you have an option to choose.
3. RESEARCH! Draw a timeline of the historical events you find. Paste
pictures and make a Word document with it.
4. WRITE! Imagine you are a child in the historical time you have choosen.
Write a composition (clothes you wear, games you play, subjects you
5. LISTEN! Find a song you like from the 20th century (e.g. 1970s, 1980s or 1990s), copy the
lyrics and make a fill in the gaps activity.

EXTRA: PLAY! You can play games in the FUN STUFF section.

Enjoy the summer!

PS. If you have problems accessing the Internet during summer, write a postcard from the place you are spending your holidays describing what are you doing there (include 150 words and a picture). Be creative... you can imagine your dream holidays too!

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