ESO3: Euro-scola projects and 9th May-Europe's Day

OK guys, I am very glad of your work. The four teams have been working really hard on their campaigns for the promotion of the European Union. They have focused on aspects that caught their attention and thought of a creative way to reach their goals. The process has been long but fun: reading comics and watching videos about the EU origin, values and services; deciding on a project; brainstorming ideas; being creative; working together; sharing their work... and now seeing the results!
Check all the groups and their different projects through their blogs (click on their names). They are spreading the word of their cause so if you like it, link their project and make others aware of it:
During Europe's Day, taking into account the values abovementioned, all groups will join forces to celebrate the event and they are already working on three activities:
  • a. Common display with posters about the EU, institutions and official campaigns.
  • b. Football match as a re-enactment of a European countries mini-league during the break.
  • c. Music concert of our 3rd ESO students playing the anthem of the EU with their recorders, xylophones and the keyboard under an exceptional conductor: Sílvia Ríos.
We hope you enjoy this great day with us!


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  1. The entry on the school's blog and the concert here: