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A Racist Threw A Banana At A Soccer Player — And Folks On Instagram Had The Perfect Reaction

Dani Alves

In the 76th minute of yesterday's game against Villarreal, a racist threw a banana at Barcelona defender and Brazilian national team player Dani Alves.
Alves had a brilliant response — he peeled the banana, ate it, and took his corner kick.
After the game he explained, "It's been happening for 11 years, we can't change it, so best to treat it as a joke. If we give it no importance, they fail."
As Alves gesture spread throughout the soccer world, other players showed their support by posting pictures of themselves eating bananas on Instagram.
The photos are tagged with "Somos Todos Macacos" — which means "we are all monkeys" in Portuguese.
It's now a meme.
Neymar, who plays with Alves on both Barcelona and the Brazilian national team, posed with his son:

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neymar we are all monkeys

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