ESO4: Getting a job

As you can see above, the smaller company process is much simpler and ...
Consider the image above: what are the main differences when you apply to a big company or to a small company?

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Think of a possible job you could take next summer in an English-speaking country, what would it be? What qualifications do you need? And experience? How would you tailor your CV? What would you explain in your cover letter? How would you prepare for an interview? (telephone, skype, face to face)...

Create your CV (un America they say resume). There are many models and templates you can use.
Here you have a link to the  EUROPASS model:
More examples following American templates here:

Now, think beyond the standard models and be AS CREATIVE AS YOU CAN! How would you stand out of the rest of CVs? Here you have creative examples!

Here you have an interactive CV (gamers, that's for you! couldn't it be the best job ever?)

And here you have a gem I found (in Spanish, with Engish subtitles):

I know you are also doing your CV in Spanish and Catalan. If you want to go beyond also in your language, here you have more ideas for a videocurriculum:

Tutorial for Adobe Clip (app to edit your videos in your mobile phone):

Finally, imagine that you find the advertising of the job of your life in 10 years time: start visualizing and preparing for that day! Prepare a CV and a cover letter for that job, invent your work experience and foresee your qualifications, and don't forget your languages level, digital skills and other interesting information!




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