ESO1: Me!

Introduce yourself drawing a picture of yourself and then writing about 4 aspects:

  • 1-Personal information (what's your name?, how old are you?, where are you from? where do you live?)
  • 2-Your family (who do you live with? have you got any brothers or sisters? have you got any pet?)
  • 3-Languages! (how many/what languages can you speak? are you learning? can you understand?)
  • 4-Likes and dislikes (what do you like? what do you love? is there anything you don't like? what is your favourite... (food, game, sport)?

1. In the yellow bubble I tell you my age. How old am I? (as for 2012! :)
    a) 3      b) 13     c) 30     d) 33
2. There is one mistake in the blue bubble... can you spot it? This is written in the past form, but you should use the present tense: I'm 12 years old. I live with my family (...). I've got a pet.
3. In the green bubble I talk about languages... where is Maori spoken? In...
   a) Ireland  b) Australia   c) New Zealand   d) Russia
4. What are my four hobbies? What do I like the most?

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