ESO3-A Cover lesson. Simple Past. My worst day at school.

Complete the text with the right verb in the simple past (regular and irregular verbs). You will find:
a) Affirmative: Regular infinitive + -ed (worked); irregular (second column: go-went)
b) Negative: didn't + infinitive (you didn't work; I didn't go). LOOK!: *You didn't worked *I didn't went
c) Question: did + subject + infinitive (did Atif study hard? did Isabel come yesterday?)
LOOK!: *did Oriol studied hard? did Nicaury came yesterday? (These are wrong! We use the bare infinitive with the auxiliary DID)

wet= mullat
argument= discussió (false friend!)

1.Copy in your worksheet
3rd paragraph:
After lunch we _______ (have) history. The teacher ______ (ask) me a question: 'When ____ Christopher Columbus ________ America?' (discover) I ________ (answer) '1942'. Everyone _______ (laugh). I ________ (be) really embarrassed.

4th paragraph:
When I ________ (leave) school, it _______ (start) to rain. I ____  _______ (not have) my coat with me so I _____ (get) very wet. Later in the evening I ______ (have) an argument with my mum. It ____ (be) a terrible day.

2.Answer these questions:
1. Why did John  miss the bus to school?
2. Did John do well in the maths exam?
3. Why couldn't John buy lunch?
4. Why did everyone laugh at John in the history lesson? (When did Columbus discover America?)
5. Who did John have an argument with in the evening? (amb qui va discutir el John al vespre?)

3. Look at the picture... what things people say bring bad luck? Draw it and match.
a.broken                                        1.umbrella                                                       2. salt
c.go down                                      3. a ladder (escales)
d.spill                                             4. cat open                                       5. mirror

4.Think about your worst (or best) day at school. Make a list of bad/good things that happened. 
E.g. I lost something (vaig perdre alguna cosa...)
I got a 10 in an exam (vaig treure un 10 a un examen)

5. EXTRA-Revision: make a list of the sentences where you find this combination: adjective + name. What do they mean? 
It was a terrible day - Va ser un dia terrible!

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