ESO3: You make me feel that. Adjectives to describe personality.

Hi crew! I propose you to COMPLETE this mission: listen to the song, follow the lyrics and fill in the gaps. Then, watch the videoclip: you will read a lot of cool words used in real English by young people to describe personality, using slang language (colloquialisms) and cyberlanguage (like in the SMS in mobile phones).
Can you compile these words and make a list?

My challenge is to produce a videoclip like the one you can see here!

1-Make groups
2-Decide what adjective describe you best (or the opposite, it will make it funnier!)
3-Some of your group will take a black and white picture of yourself in that attitude
4-Add the word using a photo/picture editing software (like in the videoclip)
5-Using MovieMaker let's add the song and our pictures: we've created our own videoclip! Groups 3rd A and 3rd B can work together in this single project.

NOTE: each one of you should have a different adjective (let's not repeat them OK?). Try to use an adjective that's opposite to what you are like normally, or just play out your role for the photo! You can use the clothes and complements that you consider, even make-up and hair style :)

We can print out the pictures and display them in the corridor. Be creative and have fun!

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