It's Xmas time and a new year is about to start: 2013!
Christmas Tree wallpapers
1) Listening. ESO3: "Merry Christmas everyone!" Listen to this song and get the right answers!
ESO4: Last year we listened to this song when we watched the film ove Actually. Let's see how much you remember!

Did you notice that it's summertime in Australia and New Zealand for Xmas? :) Well, let's learn more about the UK and the USA this time...

2) Reading: ESO3: Learn about Xmas in the UK:
ESO4: Learn about Xmas traditions in the USA: Now have a look to this poster and prepare a set of five questions to ask to another group. The one who answers more questions correctly... wins!

3) Speaking: What are the differences between the Christmas time in that country and yours? Do you have another significant celebration instead of Christmas? Which one? When? What do you usually do?
Hogmanay Edinburgh 500x375 Hogmanay Edinburgh
Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland (New Year's Eve)

4) Games. Keep practising!
ESO3: We are in Scotland at the moment, and New Year's celebrations are world famous there with their Hogmanay. Check this link and games
ESO4: Many people make resolutions for the New Year.. what are yours?

5) QUIZZ.  New Year's celebrations are special... and different around the world (even in different dates!). Learn about these curious facts and play! When they celebrate the New Year in China? And in Vietnam? And in Iran? More in

EXTRA! Why don't we create an animated Xmas eCard in English to share with our family and friends online? Check this link:

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