ESO2/3/4 Irregular verbs made easy. Mnemotechnics. +Note for teachers.

by Humberto Burcet

Here you have a fun way for studying our beloved irregular verbs. LEARNING TO LEARN: Grouping by categories can help you identify verbs faster and easier. Now, why don't you try inventing a story using all the verbs in each category? For example...

I thought he taught karate because he brought the kimono he bought when he caught the bus.

ESO2 try with the simple past (2nd 'column')
ESO3 with the present perfect (HAS/HAVE + 3rd 'column')
ESO4 with the past perfect (HAD + 3rd 'column')

Don't forget there are more types and combinations! E.g. come/came/come, give/gave/given, and we can guess the form of compound verbs like become/became/become or forgive/forgave/forgiven.

NOTE FOR TEACHERS: I have used the mind map tool provided by which also offers other resources like quizzes/tests, flashcards, etc. I took this link, as a base for the mind map one provided. Many thanks! Merci :)

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