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Once you have finished reading the comics, watching the videos and checking the links is time to read the posts on Facebook and Tweeter because there is a clue for one of the 12 questions you will be asked in the final contest (worth 50% of the points!). 

This done, is time for you to be creative! Each group of 10 has to create a blog and feed it with your progress as far as your projects are concerned. Remember that the general topic is the European Union, and the specific one for 2014 is the European Election on May and their campaign "Act. React. Impact".

BLOG: Two members of the team will be in charge of creating the blog. Choose a design, a name (you can use your Team's name), and write your first entry: an introduction to your team members, your school, and your motivations. Include a picture and describe what you have done so far! "We decided our name... We read the comic and played the characters... We watched the videos and discussed the links...". For the blog: Check the blogs made by your 4th ESO colleagues in 2013 here and their campaigns: Swaggers,
These instructions can help you. We will divide the timing in three phases, like in a real campaign: pre-production, production and post-production.


Firstly, the team has to do a brainstorming of ideas: WHAT topic you are going to deal with, and WHY the aspect you have chosen is important to promote. You can find your inspiration in the comic/videos/links mentioned before.

Secondly, you have to decide HOW you are going to do it. Here you have some ideas: posters, videos, short film, comics, radio programs, survey, stopmotion animation, musical show, lipdub... for example, look at this lipdub on the right... can you organize something like this?:

Thirdly, yo have to plan WHEN and WHERE are you going to do it. This is a matter of organization. It is also important to know WHO is going to do what: director, actor, writer, camera, designer... And if you want to get the help of other people or organizations. Check this:

This is when you actually shoot, record, cut, draw, play, write, or direct what you have planned. Remember to include your progress in your blog.

This is when you show your output to the world. Apart from your blog you can post in in the school''s blog, La Rotllana, the local media (TV, radio, press...), social networks, etc. Think BIG!

Good luck!

Here you have what the winners did last year. And also some more inspiration!

Celebration of Europe's Day (9 May) at school:

Get inspired:;;

25 Useful Brainstorming Techniques

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