List of regular and irregular (i) verbs to learn:

Infinitive Simple Past Past Participle Spanish
answer answered answered responder
arrive arrived arrived llegar
ask asked asked preguntar
be i was / were been ser
borrow borrowed borrowed tomar prestado
break i broke broken romper
buy i bought bought comprar
catch i caught caught atrapar
clean cleaned cleaned limpiar
climb climbed climbed escalar
collect collected collected colleccionar
come i came come venir
compose composed composed componer
cook cooked cooked cocinar
cut i cut cut cortar
dance danced danced bailar
describe described described describir
discover discovered discovered descubrir
do i did done hacer
drink i drank drunk beber
drive i drove driven conducir
eat i ate eaten comer
enjoy enjoyed enjoyed disfrutar
fall i fell fallen caer
feel i felt felt sentir
find i found found encontrar
fly i flew flown volar
forget i forgot forgotten olvidar
give i gave given dar
go i went gone ir
happen happened happened suceder
have i had had tener
help helped helped ayudar
hurt i hurt hurt herir, doler
invent invented invented inventar
invite invited invited invitar
kill killed killed matar
know i knew known saber
lend i lent lent prestar
leave i left left dejar
lie i lay lain yacer
like liked liked gustar
live lived lived vivir
look looked looked mirar
love loved loved amar
make i made made hacer
meet i met met conocer, encontrar
miss missed missed perder, extrañar
open opened opened abrir
pack packed packed empacar
pay i paid paid pagar
phone phoned phoned llamar por teléfono
play played played jugar
prefer preferred preferred preferir
prepare prepared prepared preparar
push pushed pushed empujar
put i put put poner
rain rained rained llover
read i read read leer
remember remembered remembered recordar
rent rented rented alquilar
rescue rescued rescued rescatar
return returned returned volver, devolver
ring i rang rung llamar por teléfono
save saved saved ahorrar
say i said said decir
search searched searched buscar
see i saw seen ver
sell i sold sold vender
sit i sat sat sentarse
skate skated skated patinar
ski skied skied esquiar
sleep i slept slept dormir
smell smelled smelled oler
speak i spoke spoken hablar
spend i spent spent gastar
start started started comenzar
stay stayed stayed quedarse
stop stopped stopped detener
study studied studied estudiar
survive survived survived sobrevivir
swim i swam swum nadar
take i took taken tomar
talk talked talked hablar
teach i taught taught enseñar
tell i told told decir
think i thought thought pensar
throw i threw thrown lanzar
touch touched touched tocar
try tried tried intentar
understand i understood understood entender
use used used usar
visit visited visited visitar
wait waited waited esperar
walk walked walked caminar
want wanted wanted querer
wash washed washed lavar
watch watched watched mirar
wear i wore worn llevar puesto
work worked worked trabajar
write i wrote written escribir


Below you can find more links to keep practising irregular verbs:


  1. hola soc el hassan de 3r b
    es `pot estudiar aquest cuadere????

  2. Hi Hassan. Yes, you can study from this chart. Remember that only the ones marked with an (i) are irregular. You can also practise with the extra exercises. Good luck!