Autumn is here! It is the time when leaves fall from the trees, we gather the fruits of the harvest, we eat chestnuts and panellets for the Castanyada and celebrate All Saints Day. In Mexico they also cellebrate El Día de Los Muertos. No doubt, it is a time in which spirits are present, either they are good... or evil. 

In the following link you can find a lot of information about Halloween: its Celtic origins as a day to pay tribute to the dead, its Christian influence, and the witchcraft connections. You can also find ideas for Halloween decorations, fancy dresses and songs among many different categories. Enjoy it and... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

YOUR TURN: Choose your activity according to your level. And Happy Halloween!

1st ESO: Let's make some Halloween masks! Take orange colored card, draw a half-angry face for your pumpkin, cut out the eyes, nose and mouth and... display! Trick or treat? :)
2nd ESO: Let's decorate our corridor with a scary poster! We need a big black card and colored chalks. We can draw a blue moon, a white spider's web and black bats, green witches and monsters and purple clouds and vamps. OoOoOohHhH!
3rd and 4rth ESO: Let's test your knowledge about Halloween! Answer the questionnaire about this festivity, read the curious facts, solve the mystery picture, unscramble the text message and find the Halloween-related vocabulary in English in the soup! We also watch Michael Jackson's famous videoclip, Thriller. Some of you can dance the choreography! 

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