ESO4: Unit 1: The Right Image. Describe a celebrity!

Here you have the Powerpoint presentation for Unit 2. I'm also pasting the structure and a sample of the composition you have to write (don't forget to include a picture of the celebrity you are describing!). The assessment will be based on the following criteria:

  • 25% Fluency (connectors: and, but, however, on the other hand, although, in addition, both... and...)
  • 25% Accuracy (agreement, spelling, word order, etc..)
  • 25% Vocabulary (rich vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, phrasal verbs, false friends)
  • 25% Originality (get good ideas and go beyond the standard text; include a photo!)
Remember to hand in your composition ON TIME! Monday, November 21st.

INTRODUCTION. (Name, age, where from, what profession).
My favourite (artist/singer/presenter) is ____. She/he is from ___ and (sings with/stars in/...).
BODY. 1st paragraph (Appearance)
Andrea Corr is... (tall/short, pretty/handsome)
He/She’s got... (hair, eyes, tattoo, ...)
He/She wears... (trendy/scruffy clothes)
BODY. 2nd paragraph (Personality)
He’s/She’s a ........... Person.
However, he/she’s ...........
The only bad thing is .........
BODY. 3rd paragraph (Likes and dislikes)
One thing she loves is...
On the other hand, one thing she hates is... (because...)
CONCLUSION (Your opinion)
I like him/her because I think that he/she is...

Add your own ideas and be original! :)

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