Are you competing for the Literary Awards this Sant Jordi? Here you can find some ideas for your calligrams! From simpler to more elaborated ones.

A calligram is a phrase, or word in which the typeface or calligraphy is arranged in a way that creates a visual image. 

Look at these examples: what do these words mean? how are they displayed? what's the lonk between shape/size/colour and meaning?


Let's go a step further: what can you see? how are drawings made?

Now look at this... what can you see? And what can you read? Is it typed or handwritten? Can you identify the languages?
Finally, you can have works of art that combine words and plastic arts... and more!

So now it's your turn! Get inspired and hands on to create your own calligram! Some of those above are examples by very famous poets from the Avantgardes, some written by students like you... Surprise us!

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