ESO1: Animals JClic + Describe your favourite animal!

Here you have some games to practise your vocabulary.

Remember to hand in the description of your favourite animal and your corresponding animal for the ABC ZOO!

A dolphin belongs to the kingdom of animals, vertebrates, mammals. A dolphin lives in water. There are salt-type and fresh-type dolphins. Some kinds of salt-types are spinners, bottle-nosed, and common. Some types of fresh-types are Irrawaddy, amazon, Ganges. There is 50+ species of dolphins and more to discover. Recent studies say that dolphins are just as smart as people if not more, and should be called non-human-people. They breath through blowholes not their mouths, like people. Dolphins eat fish, octopus, squid, crap, and other seafood. The most popular kind of dolphin for parks is the bottle-nosed dolphin. If you want to buy a dolphin, you better start saving your money! Dolphins are cetaceans (see-tay-shuns). Dolphins live in pods or schools and if a lot of dolphins get together its a herd. Baby dolphins are called calfs. Porpoises are similar but are not the same! Look at the differences! (*porpoise= marsopa).

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  1. Here you have a video for the listening exercise on the great white shark... be careful! They bite :)