ESO4: Euro-scola 2012

Hi guys!
We should start reading the chapters (comic style) of the contest and do the different tasks! Each team should hand in a composition promoting Badalona and a nice picture of our city for Wednesday. Monday we'll read the first chapter and try to finish the second one, set in Prague. Ahoi! Go fot it!
Try to answer these questions to get ready for the competition:
  1. How much have you learnt about the astronomic clock of Prague? It can measure 4 types of times... which ones?
  2. What about the different scholarship programmes and collaboration ones? What are the names of them? Who were these people?
  3. What advantages do we have for our mobile phones when we travel abroad within the EU?
  • 4bpower1
  • 4bpower2
  • You already know the password ;)

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