ESO3. Unit 4. Chores.

A. What of these chores can you identify? Match letters with numbers:
1. mow the lawn, 2.wash the dishes, 3. set/lay the table, 4. make the bed, 5. water the plants,
6. walk the dog, 7. do the shopping, 8. do the washing 9. wash the car, 10. hoover/vacuum the carpets,
11. take the rubbish/trash out, 12. rest

B. Now look at this video: how many chores can you spot? Which ones?

C. Finally, here you have a famous videoclip. Who are they? What are they doing? What does Freddy Mercury want to do? Consider these chores:
Sweep and mop the floor, dust the furniture, clean the windows, do the cooking, tidy your room. What of these activities can you see in the videoclip? What's the meaning of these chores in your language? 

EXTRA: What chores do you have to do at home? When? How often? Which ones you don't have to do?
I have to make my bed before I go to school every day.
(...) I usually don't have to cook the dinner. (...)

GAME: Two groups. One mimics one chore, his/her group has to guess what chore it is.

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