Spooky spooky! It's Halloween time! And we are going to devote one session to talk about scary stories, learn about Halloween origins and traditions and even make our own Jack-o'-lantern masks and monsters to decorate our class!

1. SONG. Here we have a song to learn about the Jack-o'-lantern face.Look at the list:


a) What parts of the face do appear?
b) What parts are missing?


Pumpkin Pumpkin
Let's give you some eyes
Pumpkin Pumpkin
Let's give you a nose
Pumpkin Pumpkin
Let's give you a scary smile
And now you're a Jack O Lantern

The ghosts and the ghouls and the witches
They will run a mile
When they see my scary smile

Put me in the window
And I'll chase the night away
Because I am a Jack O Lantern
I am a Jack O Lantern
I am a Jack O Lantern

2. VOCABULARY: In the clip they mention three of the following words... which ones? What do the other words mean? Perhaps you can get some help from the picture on the left (from the film Transylvania, now in cinemas!)                     GHOSTS, VAMPIRES, BATS, SPIDERS, GHOULS, MONSTER, WITCHES, GOBLINS, WEREWOLF, MUMMY.    
3. CREATE! Let's make our Halloween masks in just 3 minutes! 

Materials: an orange sheet of paper, a pencil and scissors.
1. Fold the orange paper (A4 size) in two halves (landscape position)
2. Draw a half of the Jack-o'-lantern with the pencil. The middle of the pumpkin must be on the right!
3. Carefully, cut out the nose, the eye, and the mouth. Finally, cut the exterior shape.
Unfold it and... you've got your own Jack-o'-lantern mask! 
You are ready to ask for candies after saying "Trick or treat"! ^_^

EXTRA: If we have time... work in groups of three and create your own monster, mixing vampires' or werewolves' heads with witches' or bats' bodies and spiders' or goblins' feet... invent a name for your creatures and... decorate your classroom!

<<< What is this? A h- - - - - - house.
<<< Who does live in it?
<<< Where is it?

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