ESO3: Present Continuous

Present continuous (or progessive)  is used for:

a)  Actions that are happening at this moment:
I am reading this sentence right now.
b) Actions that are happening during the present  period of time
I am studying 4th of ESO this year.
c) Arranged actions in the future:
I'm visiting my grandmother this evening.

EXTRA: It can also be used for habitual actions in a negative sense:

d) My little brother is always crying.... I can't stand it!

The affirmative structure uses the subject + verb TO BE as auxiliary + the main verb ending in -ING

I am writing
You are working
He/She/It is playing
We are learning
They are reading

We always negate the auxiliary:

I'm not reading
you aren't listening
he/she/it isn't working
we aren't playing
they aren't writing

The question structure is as follows (like wagons in a train):
(WH-) + Aux. BE + Subject + V-ing...?

Am I teaching?
Are you studying?
Is he/she/it swimming?
Are we playing?
Are they getting ready?

Remember the spelling rules for the -ing form!

Typical time expressions used with this tense are NOW, AT THE MOMENT, AT PRESENT...



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