ESO3: Present Simple exercises

Here you have some exercises for practising the Present Simple structures. Revise the chart:

I go
I don't go
Do I go ?
You go
You don't go
Do you go ?
He goes
He doesn't go
Does he go ?
She goes
She doesn't go
Does she go ?
It goes
It doesn't go
Does it go ?
We go
We don't go
Do we go ?
You go
You don't go
Do you go ?
They go
They don't go
Do they go ?

We usually find it with epressions such as: often - generally - usually - always - never
every day - every week - every month - every year - sometimes
Remember we use it for habitual actions, universal truths, and 'permanent' situations, for example:

a) I usually go to school by bus. (Habitual action)
b) Water boils at 100ºC. (Universal truth)
c) I live in London.

Structure: subject + verb (base form)

I play football.
You play tennis.
We study here.
They work there.

LOOK! The alarm sounds in the 3rd person singular:

Affirmative: He PLAYS football.
Negative: He DOESN'T play football.
Question: DOES he play football?

Notice that we in the negative, questions, or after modal verbs (can, must...) we don't use the -s at the end:

He doesn't plays.
He doesn't play.

She can plays tennis.
She can play tennis.


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