ESO3 & 4: Trick or treat? Halloween time!

Trick or treat? It's getting colder, windier... and spookier! How much do you know about Halloween? let's start with a basic vocabulary and then we'll listen to a song to learn new words.

DIVERSIFICATION: Listen and repeat (notice the spelling!)

 Now let's watch the videoclip. How many words can you identify?  

CONTEST! WORK IN TEAMS. Worksheet. Let's test your knowledge about Halloween! Answer the questionnaire about this festivity, read the curious facts, solve the mystery picture, unscramble the text message and find the Halloween-related vocabulary in English in the soup! PRIZE FOR THE FIRST TEAM WITH ALL CORRECT ANSWERS! ^_^

EXTRA: Search for the ESO4 entry from last year (2011). You will find a video about the origins of Halloween. Then you can test yourself! How much have you learnt? ENJOY HALLOWEEN!

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