ESO2: Recycling materials

LINK: Now that we have being cooking delicious and creative recipes we have to take the rubbish out. But... it is very important to classify it!

Look at the picture. These verbs are three imperatives. They ask us to do something.


1. Match the definition with the right word:

a. cut down on the amount of garbage
b. use something more than once
c. transform materials into brand new ones

2. Do you know the green symbol? To what action does it refer to? Reducing, reusing or recycling?

3. How can you reduce waste? Choose the best idea. 
a. Buying just what I need and bringing my own reusable shopping bag..
b. Buying less than what I need and using plastic bags.
c. Buying more than what I need and taking extra plastic bags just in case.

4. What does the prefix RE- in REUSE mean?  
 a. never   b. again   c. always

5. What materials are the following objects made of?  
 What 'R' are we applying? Do you have more ideas?

Save this link for summer... you will have to bring a creation reusing materials  and explain how you did it! ;)

LISTENING: Why is number 3 a magic number?

READ AND PLAY: Visit this page, read the information and then play the game. Then write down the list of products your could reduce, reuse and recycle! 

Look at the following picture:

SPEAKING: What can you recycle in the red bin? And the green bin? And the yellow bin? And the blue bin? Compare it to the containers in your area. From what country are the containers in the picture?

What materials can you throw in the green, blue and yellow containers in your town? What can you throw in the brown container? And in the grey one? We even have some orange big ones, do you know what they collect? And... where can you throw your batteries?

WRITING: Write a short paragraph in pairs giving advice using should: "You should put glass bottles in the green bin." You should... 
You can use these ideas: milk cartons, glass jars, old newspapers, a small jersey, fish bones, a can of soda, a button battery.

Clues: general waste, organic, textile (clothes). EXTRA: What about light bulbs? Research! How would you translate the messages in the recycling campaigns above? Can you invent another motto? Think of "can" as a verb and a noun!

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