ESO3 & 4: Conditionals


Remember we have the ZERO CONDITIONAL (it's always 100% sure):

If water is at 0ºC, it freezes.
[IF + Present] ,  [Present]

If you heat ice, it melts.
More explanations here:

FIRST CONDITIONAL (it's possible and probable, e.g. from 50% to 99% sure)

If I study, I will pass the exam.
What's the formula?:

SECOND CONDITIONAL (it's possible but improbable, e.g. 10% sure)

If I won the lottery, I would help people and travel a lot!
What's the formula?:

For the first and second conditionals have a look in here:

If you are curious about the Third Conditional, have a go... if you dare!
THIRD CONDITIONAL (it's impossible, 0%, you regret but you can't go back to the past)
If I had known, I wouldn't have tried that food.
What's the formula?

SUMMARY: (provide your own examples to remember)

Type 0:      [If + Present], [Present]   
Type I:      [If + Present], [will+ inf.]
Type II:     [If + Past ], [would + inf.]
Type III:    [If + Past Perf], [would have + past part.]

Mixed II & III: [If + Past Perfect], [would + inf.]

1. The conditional construction does not normally use will or would in if-clauses.  

2. For the second conditional, were replaces was: If I were a rich man... If I were you...
3. Instead of if not, we can use unless: I'll be back tomorrow unless I have an emergency call. 

4.There is a "mixed type" as well, for the present results of an unreal condition in the past:
[If + Past Perfect], [would + inf.]
If you had warned me [then], I would not be in prison [now].
Source Last remarks by Rob De Decker, more info in Table from

LISTENING: Fantastic cover with lyrics:

"If I were a boy"...
I ______ turn off my phone.

1.What type of conditional is it?
2.“What is Beyonce’s job in the video?
3.What is her boyfriend’s job in the video?
4.Where do they see each other?
5.What do they argue about in the middle of the video?”

What does she mean with this song?
Now complete the sentence with at least three ideas and share: "If I were a boy/girl, I would..."
You can use this template:

If I Were A ____________
If I were a ___________ even just for a day
I'd _____________________

And I'd _________________________
 I'd _____________________
And I'd _____________ 
because ____________
If I were a _______________

I think I could _____________ 
I swear I'd _______________

*NOTE FOR TEACHERS and source:


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