ESO3: Modals and scenarios for the future

What might life be like in the future?

READING: "We face an infinite number of futures". When I was your age we imagined a future with flying cars,  teletransportation, and the capacity to minimize objects and keep them in our pockets.

Well... we are still waiting for flying cars but actually, we have sort of seen the other possibilities come true: twenty years ago we had to send a letter, a picture or a film through the post and it would take a long time to get from Spain to, say... New Zealand.

Now, it's just a click away with the internet! Letters have turned into e-mails, photographs have gone digital and you don't need to have a physical tape to watch a film. Isn't it a kind of teletransportation?

Every two minutes, we take as many photos as all of humanity took during the 1800s.

Same with the minimization of objects... Have you got a smart phone? Well, look at the picture below and think about the changes we've had in just a couple of decades!

SPEAKING: Comment on the picture below and imagine how technology would be in 20 years time.

Everything in this 1991 RadioShack ad exists in a single smartphone.


For more amazing facts:

Imagine you have a "time machine"
Un científico iraní dice haber creado una «máquina del tiempo»So... How do you imagine the future in 20 years? And in 2100? And beyond?

Let's stop in the mid-way and watch a video on what will life be like in 2015. Hyper innovation:


What are the innovations mentioned? Do you agree or disagree? What do you think it will happen?

WRITING: Write an essay on this topic: "Technology will control our lives in the future"
Instructions (revise 'your' modals):

You have to structure it into an Introduction, a Body (pros and cons) and a Conclusion.
You don't have to check innovations on the Internet.
You can list advantages and disadvantages of technological innovations
...or you could even invent future gadgets too. 
You shall give your opinion. You should not use informal language.
You may include a creative title. You also might include pictures.
You must be punctual. Therefore, you must not be late in give it in!
And remember: you need to double-check your work before printing it off (spelling, tenses, connectors...)
You ought to see the TIPS below!

NOTE: try to work in pairs, one giving reasons in favor of the thesis and the other against it.

First, write a short paragraph introducing the topic.
Then, try to use these expressions in the body of your composition (ideally two paragraphs: positive and negative effects of technology):
a) On the one hand, on the other hand... firstly, secondly... (to introduce arguments)
b) Furthermore, in addition, moreover (to add information)
c) However, nevertheless (to contradict an argument)
d) For example for instance (to exemplify)
To end up you can use:
e) In conclusion, finally, to sum up (to finish)...
f) ... I think, I consider, in my opinion... (to give your opinion)

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