ESO4: Global warning about global warming

Spot the conditional sentences in the video. What words from the list below can you heard? How would you classify these words?

VOCABULARY: carbon emissions, climate change, floods, endangered species, droughts, storms and hurricanes, fossil fuel, wind power, solar power, carbon footprint, tornado, greenhouse effect.

Obama: Addressing climate change will save money and lives

|The release of a major report detailing the ways climate change is already impacting the nation should compel Americans that it's time to respond to the crisis, President Obama told Megan Glaros, a WBBM meteorologist on assignment for "CBS This Morning."

Now answer the questions. Choose the right answer according to Obama's answer in the interview:

EXAMPLE. Addressing climate change is important because...
a. It will only save money
b. It won't save lives
c. It will save both money and lives

1. People around the world can do something about climate change...
a. ...if they take it as a joke
b. ...if they take the challenge seriously 
c. ...if they let Governments act

2. Climate change is affecting...
a. tourism  
b. agriculture  
c. both

3. Governments should...
a. improve fuel efficiency
b. decrease solar and wind power
c. both

 4. Climate change...
a. is a top priority now  
b. should be a priority now  
c. mustn't be a priority

5. If temperatures rise...
a. we won't see more extreme weather events
b. less people will be at risk
c. more people will be potentially at risk

Finally, have a look to this piece of news. 
-What are the main problems in every USA region? 
-What is the role they assign to the USA as far as environmental action is concerned?  
-What question did President Obama addressed to the interviewer?

EXTRA: What differences can you find in the American reporting style compared to that in your country (e.g. Spain)?

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